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Summer Dresses Round Up Summer Dresses Round Up

So… I’m pretty obsessed with sundresses. Whoever came up with the idea was a genius because not only are they super cute, but they keep you cool like no t-shirt ever could. August is a great time to stock up on summer must-haves, since the season is reaching it’s close. So instead of grabbing that swimsuit in June when prices are sky-high, wait it out until you can snag that baby on clearance in August. You’ll have just enough summer sun to debut your look this year, and then wear it like you made it the next year.

Third Piece Rule

If you’ve ever looked up how to style a great outfit, you’ll know what the third piece rule is. If not, I’ve got you covered. Basically, it means that in order for an outfit to look complete, it needs three major elements. If you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt, that’s piece one and piece two. If you add a jacket, cardigan, scarf, or hat, that’s your third piece. The idea is that it pulls the whole outfit together. When I found out about the rule, my world was changed. Seriously.

Summer Dresses Round Up

Well… the third piece is super easy to pull off in the fall and winter. Even spring isn’t too hard to add an extra layer. But when that July/August heat hits, no one really wants to grab a jacket before heading out, or snag a scarf to complement their tank.

So here’s what to do instead:

Voila! Minimal layers for maximum fashion. Sign me up!!

Summer Dresses

Now that I’ve talked about how to style them, you’re probably wondering where to find them, or what to look for. If not, well… I guess I’m going to share them anyway because I loooove them. Don’t be mad 😉

I stopped by Francesca’s after work after seeing this dress online for $30! Turns out, all their dresses are on sale for $30 if you ask them about it. Tricky, right? But totally worth it. I love that it’s a romper, AND a maxi wrap all in one. Plus it’s made out of a super light material so I know I won’t get too hot. Win win win win win – and I’m not even sponsoring this dress. I just love it. 😀

Summer Dresses Round UpSummer Dresses Round UpSummer Dresses Round Up







Here are a few of my other favorite summer dresses, all for under $50.

Girl Talk

Now that I’ve done most of the talking (er… typing?), it’s your turn! What’s your favorite summer look? Is there a must-have fashion piece you always need more of in your closet? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I used to hate dresses when I was younger, but now it seems I’ve become addicted and just want to fill up my whole wardrobe with them! They are so much easier than putting a whole outfit together haha. All of the dresses you featured are sooo gorgeous.

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